About Us

We have self storage units with drive up access. Each unit has electricity which powers electric rollup doors each with a keypad to operate, interior lights, an outlet for charging batteries only. We also have exterior lights which provide security and great lighting for maneuvering.

If you need to run a vacuum or electric drill or other small tools they are permitted while you are present. What is not permitted are heaters, dehumidifiers or anything left on for long periods of time or anything using a lot of power.

POWER COMES WITH THE PRICE OF RENT and most other storage businesses charge $25 extra per month. We also have climate control or heat self storage units. WE HAVE HYDRONIC FLOOR HEAT AND THE COST OF HEAT IS INCLUDED IN YOUR RENT. The target temperature during winter is 40-45 degrees. Our 12x25 units in building 5 do not have heat nor insulation. All other units have great insulation with R32 in the ceiling and R26 in the walls.

A byproduct of the insulation is cooling. It is not air conditioning but acts like it. Depending on the size of building and the ambient temperature outside we get a temperature 15 to 25 degrees cooler than outside. Cooling doesn’t cost extra, it is just a great byproduct of insulation. The thing that destroys batteries more than anything else is cold temperatures and low charge. Having the heat and power allows you to use a battery maintainer (like the old trickle charger but many times better).

The aisle between buildings 1&2 are 60’, 65’ between buildings 2&3, and 60’ between buildings 4&5. The aisles between buildings 2&2B, 3&3B, and 4&4B are 50 feet. Wide aisles make for great access. There are wide gates 24 and 17 feet wide with asphalt throughout. Gates, fence and cameras provide great security. Windmill Storage is located on a very busy street, Prairie Avenue, the busiest East-West street in Kootenai County. The self storage facility is positioned 6 to 10 feet below street level with aisles perpendicular to the street. Couple this with great light and all those cars on Prairie Avenue looking right down the aisles day and night giving great security.

The doors on the 14’ wide units are 12’Wx14’H. On the larger 16', 18' and 20’ wide units, doors are 14’x14’. The 12’x25’ units have 10’6”W x 10’H doors with padlocks and manual rollup doors. All doors (except 12’ x 25’ units) are sectional with electric roll up access and some include man doors. SECTIONAL DOORS ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE THEY SEAL AROUND THE DOOR PERIMETER NOT ALLOWING TEMPERATURE TRANSFER OR DUST PENETRATION. Most other self storage facilities have hand or chain rollup doors which actually roll into a tight coil. They are corrugated which does not allow any seal at all around the edges. A sectional door along with asphalt means less washing of your stored items. Anybody that has washed a motorhome knows about this chore. We have a bathroom in our office and an outside access bathroom. As I get older I’ve noticed the time between the urge and the purge gets shorter. For those of like kind, this is for you.

With all the extra add-ons we have our rent being in most cases equal to our competitors. Our vacancy rate is low. We do get vacancies on a regular basis and if we don’t have the size your are looking for, please consider waiting as we’re worth it.