About Us

 We are a local, family owned self storage facility located in the heart of beautiful North Idaho. Now, what does a locally owned storage facility mean to you as a renter? I’m sure you can look online and see smoking deals on various large franchise facility websites. They often advertise slashes through their prices with remarkable 50% off deals, great incentives, and way cheaper then the local guys. But there is a catch, that is how they get you in their door. Those prices may be low when you move in, but very quickly double, sometimes triple in price, with little notice, exceeding the locally owned company's rates. Whereas Local companies, while they do occasionally need to raise their rates with the growing cost, those rate increases may be a year in between.

Here at Windmill Storage we take the trust and security of your possessions, and you, very seriously. We are proud to have one of the cleanest and safest facilities in the area. Cameras are rolling 24/7, The manager is in office 8 hours a day mon-fri. We have perimeter security fencing, as well as coded gate and unit entry. Each tenant has a personalized code programmed for their unit.

When building these facilities, I looked at every little detail to ensure functionality for tenants. I looked at things I had disliked over my years of being a storage unit renter. I wanted to offer larger units, as I noticed there are not very many in this area. I was sure to calculate the proper width aisles needed to be between units for ease of access when backing in large RVS, Trailers, Boats and Motor homes. Due to the harsh winters and hot summers we get here in the PNW, I made sure the units were properly insulated and also implemented Hydronic floor heating in the units that keep the unit at a central temperature all year round.

Lighting and electricity is included in the rent so tenants can maintain battery's and tools while in their unit. Electric roll up doors to make your trips in and out a breeze, larger units especially can be very taxing to push up and pull back down each time. Here its as simple as the push of a button!

If we are full, or don’t have what you need here at Windmill Storage, We would love to point you in the right direction of other great locally owned facilities in our area.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We really do care about our tenants. Building relationships with them, and with our wonderful community. We hope you have a great day!

-Windmill Storage